Fenix Staff

We share a committment to compassionate, culturally sensitive care for our Latino neighbors, in their native language, Spanish!

Meet the people who make the clinic.

They are the heart and soul of Fenix Family Healthcare. Most of the people who spend their professional lives working at Fenix have been immigrants themselves and are fully aware of the challenges facing our patients as they begin to integrate into the culture of their new home.


Louise Berner, MD, MPH
Louise Berner, MD, MPHFounder and CEO of Fenix Family Health Center
Marjie Kozlowski, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC
Marjie Kozlowski, DNP, APRN, FNP-BCAdvanced Nurse Practitioner
Brandon Berkley-Vigil, PA-C, BS, MS
Brandon Berkley-Vigil, PA-C, BS, MSPhysician's Assistant
Marie Fuentes-Harris, LCSW
Marie Fuentes-Harris, LCSWTherapist

Patient Advocate



Bertha Chávez
Bertha ChávezPatient Outreach Coordinator
Marthiza Monterroso
Marthiza MonterrosoAdministrative Bookeeper

Medical Assistants

Martha Amador
Martha AmadorMedical Assistant
Maria Abarca
Maria AbarcaMedical Assistant
Denia Arreola
Denia ArreolaMedical Assistant