Fenix Staff

We share a committment to compassionate, culturally sensitive care for our Latino neighbors, in their native language, Spanish!

Meet the people who make the clinic.

They are the heart and soul of Fenix Family Healthcare. Most of the people who spend their professional lives working at Fenix have been immigrants themselves and are fully aware of the challenges facing our patients as they begin to integrate into the culture of their new home.

Louise Berner, MD, MPH
Louise Berner, MD, MPHFounder and CEO of Fenix Family Health Center
Dr. Berner established Fenix to fill the need for affordable health care in the vulnerable Latino immigrant community of Lake County. She developed her passion for this work as a result of years caring for minority populations at Cook County Hospital and during her 10 years on staff at Chicago’s Erie Family Health Center which serves a largely Spanish speaking population. Dr. Berner, who is fluent in Spanish, has a life-long commitment to bridging the cultural barriers that prevent these underserved families from accessing the healthcare that will help them to thrive in their new homeland.
Dr. Berner’s dedication to promoting public health began early. During the summer before entering college, she participated in a health vaccination campaign in Ecuador. At Amherst College, she pursued a double major in Spanish and biology with a minor in anthropology. She is a 1988 graduate of Rush Medical School and Board certified in Family Medicine. In addition, she earned an MPH in health resources management with a concentration in maternal and child health from the University of Illinois. In addition to her work as a clinician, Dr. Berner found time to volunteer her services at Helping Hands free clinic in Columbus, Ohio.
As another point of interest, Dr. Berner spent two years in Tokyo where she served as the U.S. Embassy physician!
Marjie Kozlowski
Marjie KozlowskiAdvanced Nurse Practitioner
Marjorie Kozlowski is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner who joined Fenix in 2011. She obtained board certification as a Nurse Practitioner in 2003, after completing a Masters of Science in Nursing from NIU. In 2017, she earned a Doctorate of Nursing Practice from Vanderbilt University where her research focused on Diabetes Education for medically underserved patients with low literacy levels . In addition to maintaining a clinical practice, she is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor at Marquette University. In her free time she enjoys family time, hiking, and acrylic painting on canvas.

Brandon Berkley-Vigil, PA-C, BS, MSPhysician's Assistant
Brandon is a native of Highland Park. He graduated with a BS from University of Wisconsin In Madison. He discovered his love for patient care while working for two years as EMT. He proceeded to attend the University of Saint Francis to become a Physician Assistant. His warmth and professionalism has won lots of affection from Fenix’s patients. He began working at the clinic in January 2016
Diana Gutierrez, MD, MPH
Diana Gutierrez, MD, MPHCoordinator of Promotoras de Salud
She is a native from Monterrey Mexico. She immigrated from Mexico 6 years ago. Since then she has been working with the Latino community, focusing on priority diseases in Latinos, such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, mental Illness and obesity. Diana is proud of her work in educating the Latino community, especially in aspects of nutrition. She joined Fenix Clinic in June 2018.
Martha Amador
Martha AmadorMedical Assistant
Martha is a Receptionist/Medical Assistant at Fenix Family Health Center. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Pre-Biomedical Sciences, and currently working on a Master’s degree in Nursing. She says that what she likes most about Fenix Family Health Center is the mission to provide high quality, comprehensive, family healthcare services primarily to the low income communities. “I am very proud to be part of this mission!”
Marie Fuentes-Harris, LCSWTherapist
Maria has a BA from Northern Illinois University and an MSW from Loyola University at Chicago. She is bilingual. She provides mental health care to patients who would normally be able to afford treatment. She joined the Fenix Clinic in 2016.
Nora Barquín, PhD., LCSW
Nora Barquín, PhD., LCSWDirector of Operations
She has a PhD in Biology from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a MSW from Loyola University. A native of Mexico City, she came to Chicago to work in a medical research lab. After many years of volunteering at Erie Neighborhood House with the immigrant community, she decided to pursue a degree in Social Work. Nora has a broad range of experience working with Latino immigrants in different settings and understands immigrants’ needs. She started working at Fenix Clinic in June 2018.
Bertha Chávez
Bertha ChávezPatient Advocate
Bertha was a Nurse in her native Ecuador. She trained as a doula. She is a prenatal educator and a Certified Lactation Consultant. She facilitates three education and support groups at Fenix: one for prenatal parents, one for parents of babies, as well as the Autism support group. She has showed unsurpassed dedication and commitment to building and maintaining relationships with Fenix patients. She is wholeheartedly committed to all aspects of her job.

Bertha has worked at Fenix Clinic since June 2018.

Maria Abarca
Maria AbarcaMedical Assistant
Mia is a graduate of Northwestern College and has been an MA since 2015.
She is a Mexican-American born and raised in Chicago Illinois. Mia loves to travel and explore new places. She takes pride in her Mexican roots and culture. Her desire to work in an environment focused on the needs of the patient over the quantity of patients seen, led her to choose Fenix. At Fenix she has the reward of making a difference in the lives of patients she gets to know on a first name basis.
Marithza Monterroso
Marithza MonterrosoOficina de Finanzas
Marithza obtained her CPA from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala. Marithza holds a master’s degree in finance from Mariano Gálvez University in Guatemala. She is very proud to be part of the Phoenix Clinic because the clinic supports low-income Latino families. Born in Guatemala, she enjoys having the opportunity to learn at Fenix ​​every day. Marithza has been working at Fenix ​​Clínic since 2010.
Denia Arreola
Denia ArreolaAsistente Médico
Denia is originally from Mexico where she studied medicine at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Denia has been part of the Fenix family since the beginning. Denia’s warm personality and diligence help make Fenix a welcoming place for patients.