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Why the name Fenix

Fenix is named for the mythological bird that was reborn from its own ashes. In many ways, it represents our Latino patients’ experiences in coming to the USA. A new home, new possibilities, a rebirth.  At Fenix, we ease this cultural transition by providing care, beyond healthcare, for young and old in the language of their homelands, Spanish.

When naming Fenix, Dr. Berner saw the significance of the Phoenix symbol in three ways:

  • The patients. Patients come to Fenix with physical or mental problems. After receiving help and treatment, they are renewed with better health.

  • A fresh start. Many of Fenix’s patients are immigrants. Like the Phoenix, they are starting a new life. Good health is essential to realizing their dreams.

  • The Clinic. Dr. Berner’s vision for Fenix Clinic is a rebirth. Fenix functions as a concierge clinic for the underserved. It is less expensive and more humane — better medicine. Fenix spreads goodwill from the first patient encounter by same day and walk-in appointments, the low cost of care, on-site labs, and x-ray. The sense of belonging continues to grow through health education in Spanish, the language our patients know best, presented at their individual level of understanding. Fenix has an on-site counselor for nutrition, mental health and offers assistance in navigating the healthcare system.

The Vision for Fenix

Meeting an unanswered need
Dr. Louise Berner started Fenix to care for the largely underserved immigrant community of Lake County Illinois. Our patients need flexible hours, 24-hour emergency availability, follow-up with someone they know and education about ongoing treatment. The entire Fenix staff delivers culturally-sensitive personal care in fluent Spanish. Our clinic provides all of this at a cost that is 75% below other providers in our area.

MISSION: Compassionate care with frontline medicine
Fenix Family Healthcare Clinic provides uncompromised quality, comprehensive healthcare to low-income and Spanish-speaking immigrant families in Lake County Illinois. We are committed to meeting the unique needs of our patients with the special attention required by the challenges they face. We treat everyone with compassion, cultural understanding, and respect for their daily struggles. We care for the entire individual, with excellent medical care, cultural sensitivity, accessible wellness education, and mental health resources.