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Our Supporters

Thank you for your encouragement materially and in spirit.


Here are the people who share our vision


Abbvie Employee Engagement Fund
Sheila R. Berner Foundation
Berlin Family Foundation
Dr. Scholl Foundation 
First Bank Of Highland Park Foundation 
Friends For Health Foundation
Grace A Bersted Foundation 
Grant Healthcare Foundation 
Greater Horizons
Healthcare Foundation of Highland Park
Hospira Foundation
Julian Grace Foundation
Philip E. Fess Family Foundation
Ross Family Foundation 
Rotary Club of Highland Park /Highwood 
The Blowitz Ridgeway Foundation 
The Chicago Community Trust
The Grainger Foundation 
The Trillium Foundation 
VNA Foundation
AA and the Visiting Nurse Association  of Chicago 
Weston Foundation 
William Blair & Company Foundation 
William Blair & Co. Charitable Matching Gift Fund
Winnetka Congregational Church Fund


Wendy & Jim Abrams
Elsa Aguilera
Robert L. Berner Jr
Mary Kay & James Michael Bissing
Thomas M. Borah
Rosemary & John W. Croghan
Theresa & John Croghan
Ms. Nancy Davis & Mr. Stuart McCray
Colleen C. Detjen & Matthew Hopkins
Kimberly A. & Richard M. Dsida
Alice A. Fenner & Jerome F. Dixon
Barbara & Tom Filippini
Carolyn M. & William V. Glastris Jr
Barbara S. Gorham
Leslie A. Graham
Patricia C. & Peter D. Horne
Joshua W. Hoyt
John G. Iberle
Leslie Jones


Karen Wehman Kennedy
Mary G. Kerger
Deborah & Emmerich Koller
Patsy McCurdy
Bradford L. McLane
Dorothy M. & David F. Myers, Jr
Betsy Nathan
Anne O’Brien & Jordan M. Prager
Margo McCoy & Lucius E. Reese
Mary Ellen Reynolds
Suzanne F. Reynolds
Thomas A. Reynolds, III
Mary D. & Robert J. Rudnik
Robert W. Schoder
Francis L. Sheahen
Margaret & Mark Stephan
Susan R. & John W. Sullivan
Katie & Larry Sullivan