Debido al nivel de riesgo actual de Coronavirus o virus (Covid-19) durante las siguientes dos semanas la clínica Fenix estará abierta solo para citas por teléfono. Puede llamar a la clínica y programar una cita con la asistente médica y los médicos les llamaran para sus citas a la hora programada. Es sumamente importante llamarnos si quiere ser atendido. Por el momento no se estará aceptando ningún paciente en la clínica. SOLO se atenderá al paciente en la clínica si la doctora lo autoriza y en circunstancias específicas. Muchas gracias por su cooperación en este tiempo tan difícil. Para programar su cita por teléfono favor de marcar a la clinica fenix al (847) 909-2004 ext 2.

Due to the current risk level of Coronavirus or Covid-19 for the next two weeks, Fenix Clinic will remain open only for phone appointments. You can call the clinic and set up a phone appointment with the medical assistants and the doctors will call you at your scheduled time. It is extremely important you call us first if you want to speak with the doctors. At the moment no patient will be accepted inside the clinic. The patient will be cared for inside the clinic ONLY if the clinician authorizes it and in specific circumstances. Thank you so much for your cooperation in this difficult time. To program your phone appointment please call Fenix clinic at (847) 909-2004 ext 2


A message from Dr. Berner

In the interest of protecting our patients, staff, and community from the COVID-19 pandemic, Fenix has converted to a telemedicine system starting today. All appointments will be by phone. Labs and testing will be arranged as needed.

Thank you to the Fenix Board of Directors for their guidance and wisdom. Thank you to Fenix staff, our front line providers Brandon Berkley-Vigil and Margie Kozlowski, and especially to Arianna Soheil and Georgia Heisinger, for their hard work and resourcefulness, :and to Denia Arreola, Bertha Chavez, Mia Abarca, and Marithza Monterosso for their flexibility and dedication.

We are resilient! We are dedicated!